Rolling Stones interview with GoT Author

when suddenly it just came to me, this scene, from what would ultimately be the first chapter of A Game of Thrones. It’s from Bran’s viewpoint; they see a man beheaded and they find some direwolf pups in the snow. It just came to me so strongly and vividly that I knew I had to write it. I sat down to write, and in, like, three days it just came right out of me, almost in the form you’ve read.

Rolling Stone Interview with George R R Martin.  I read the books when they first came out over a decade ago and I must confess that I struggled – the political intrigue is not my favourite aspect of his works and keeping track of everyone made my head hurt when all I wanted was some escapism.  I still have not watched the full GoT series (waiting for blu-ray and some mammoth GoT weekends) but I cannot fault it’s brilliance as a TV show.

The Interview is a great read for any author wannabe or not.  And obviously GoT fans (spoiler alert in the interview – read the damn books).  What struck me as especially amazing is that he did the world-building while he wrote – I can barely keep track of my own ideas and he somehow manages to build the detail and background on the fly while he writes…. a map in a half hour…. grrrr….



Damn Interesting

Title says it all but to quote the About page:

Damn Interesting is a small, independent project dedicated to the dissemination of legitimately fascinating but obscure true stories from science, history, and psychology.”

Hundreds of way out articles available online (or via Ebook with a small donation).  Check the Archives page for a list.  I have no idea how I got here, but I had to stop reading because some of the obscure items like “Submersible Aircraft Carriers” and “The City Under the Ice” sparked so many weird ideas for my writing that my creative side went into overload.  I have no idea as to the factual validity of the articles posted but they remind me so much of the Reader Digest Strange Stories & Amazing Facts book I used to treasure as a kid.  Give the site a visit, but be warned, don’t get too lost…

Inspire – Is this real?

I like artistic realism.  I have plenty of images fav’d on my pinterest and deviantart pages and having done some art in my distant past, I can appreciate the effort and attention to detail that an artist has to master to ensure a photo-like artistic representation of his/her subject.  I don’t mind what medium is used, so long as the image is done by hand within reason – i.e. photography as reference only (Duh!) and I am even willing to bend the rules when it comes to tracing an image because a lot of skill is still required to get it perfect… Most of the time the artwork is done in pencil, paints or using digital tools and while your initial response may be that “it has to be a photo”, you can usually find something to confirm that it is in fact, not.  The one thing that you do not often see is someone using an iPad to create realism…. Finger painting has its place and I have seen amazing artwork done in the restricted world of a tablet and stubby paw but is this image of Morgan Freeman really “entirely” created on an iPad Retina?

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Holy crap

As those of you who know me are aware, I am not usually one for this kind of thing and I am not into the whole fitness ripped body gymboi culture but holy crap watch as this guy moves himself around.  I’m long since past my prime but if this does not motivate someone to get their core into gear then I don’t know what would.