Make your mark

The last and only time I have ever voted from my heart was ironically the first time I could legally vote – in 1992 for the referendum on apartheid. I voted to end something that I believed was just plain wrong and needed to be stopped.  Since then, however, I have voted purely with my mind and my choice has been based on the simple fact that I believe that any healthy democracy needs a strong opposition to be able to function and thrive.  In other words, I have never voted for a political party that represented an ideal that I believed in or for a leader I trusted.  Instead I have voted to try and ensure that South Africa will never again have a single party dictating life to its citizens.

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Survival of the fittest

On occasion, in my darker daydreams thinking about inspiration for a story, I have wondered about the concept of the survival of the fittest and how the modern world has influenced Natures way of evolving the human species. In the past, Nature weeded out those unfit for life through a multitude of ingenious ways but we humans have systematically fought back to the point where some of us alive today would probably not have existed had Nature been allowed to follow its grand plan. In fact, most of us probably would not.

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All rainbows fade

Can someone explain to me what national pride actually is? What is patriotism? What makes Americans gather in their millions on the 4th of July and parade in pride down the nations streets in spite of their political bickering and tension of the moment? What makes them (mostly) proud to be American? Or any other countries citizens for that matter? What makes Hollywood movies always have the hero belt out those patriotic last stand speeches? I think I may have known once… at some distant point in our rainbow nations past but I seem to have forgotten.  Anyone care to elaborate?

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For you artist types, and web nerds, that’s darkish greyish green in HEX colour.  For the mathematically fascinated, it’s the 43517th prime.  For the lateral thinkers amongst us, that’s the number of minutes in a common year.  A year that also marks a roughly hewn milestone for me – in more ways than one.  In about a week or so, I will have had this blog for a year, been a stay-at-home Dad for longer and also completed the first year of my writing life.

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