2048 Apologies

Before you read any further… I apologise for the future loss of countless hours of your life.  Don’t say that I did not warn you!


Have fun! (ps.  works great on ipad too)




Brain Teaser – Wordfinder

wordfinder_iconIt’s been a while since the last brainteaser (not actually sure anyone looks at them, but what the heck), so I figured I’d add another. Remember those word finder blocks of letters you used to do as a kid? Here is a 20×20 square for you to try and rather than copying an existing one, I decided to create it instead. Turns out that’s more fun than I remember actually completing one.

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Brain Teaser – Circle words

Another regular section coming to this blog. I love riddles, brain-teasers and anything that gets the brain working. At last count I figure I have a dozen books of riddles and puzzles. I’m probably not a Mensa candidate and plenty of them stump me but it’s still fun trying. I know this is a poor excuse for not writing, but hey, why not.

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