I have decided to listen to Thumper

‘If you can’t say something nice…. don’t say anything at all.’

Unfortunately this means that all the wonderfully sarcastic, grumpy posts I have written about the asinine idiots and downright shocking things that happen here in SA have been deleted and my blog has not been updated with any decent frequency.

The lack of activity here is entirely due to the fact that I am finding it pretty difficult to come up with post topics that I want to write that are not in some way a gripe, bitch or negative moan about things that impact on my daily life. Somehow the rut that I find myself in is easier to fill with the crap and these kinds of things are the only ones that peak my interest (anger, frustration, disgust) enough to string 500+ words together.

I as much I like a good vent (and yes, writing a post about it does actually make me feel better), who the hell wants to read that sh*t all day? Journalists seem to love to shove it in our faces here – to the point where I read the paper like a picture book just to try and not get riled up about some twit or idiotic government proposal that seem to spring up each day here…

A fellow parent told me last week that she has started her Masters in Creative Writing and had heard via the grapevine that I was writing a great South African novel. I almost choked on a chicken kebab and before thinking I blurted out “I don’t like this country enough to ever want to write a great novel about it.”. Sad really, but very true.

Anyway. So, sorry for the lack of posts… I’m making a concerted effort to find a happy place and find something positive that sparks my passion enough to post about it. Bare with me.

Don’t worry, I’ll never post kittens on this blog.



One thought on “I have decided to listen to Thumper

  1. Yep Thumper’s comment has been one of my mantra’s for pretty much my life to date…another one which has significantly impacted my raison de etre has been the one Pooh Bear says as he is dragged downstairs by Christopher Robin and his head bumps on each step…”Sometimes I thinks and sometimes I doesn’t…but when I thinks, I thinks there must be a better way of going downstairs” (Forgive me if I have misquoted, but that’s how I remember it)…

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