Inspire – Is this real?

I like artistic realism.  I have plenty of images fav’d on my pinterest and deviantart pages and having done some art in my distant past, I can appreciate the effort and attention to detail that an artist has to master to ensure a photo-like artistic representation of his/her subject.  I don’t mind what medium is used, so long as the image is done by hand within reason – i.e. photography as reference only (Duh!) and I am even willing to bend the rules when it comes to tracing an image because a lot of skill is still required to get it perfect… Most of the time the artwork is done in pencil, paints or using digital tools and while your initial response may be that “it has to be a photo”, you can usually find something to confirm that it is in fact, not.  The one thing that you do not often see is someone using an iPad to create realism…. Finger painting has its place and I have seen amazing artwork done in the restricted world of a tablet and stubby paw but is this image of Morgan Freeman really “entirely” created on an iPad Retina?

The video below unfortunately only shows the “finger strokes” recorded by the Procreate application and I would have preferred an external “selfie” type video to corroborate the artists effort. I have copied an image of the original from Scott Gries and overlaid that with this iPad version from Kyle Lambert and I cannot tell for sure if it is in fact a “drawn image” or some other clever fake.  While the artist definitely has some skill (look at the rest of his portfolio), the detail seems “too” perfect and even more so when considering the tool he used.  Most images I have looked at tend to have a spot missing here or there or some quirk where the artist left a hair out or a subtle bit of colour is missing (or added) in an iris.  I can’t seem to find any in this image.

I am on the fence….. I would believe this artist immediately if he said that he used a Wacom and Photoshop, but a fingertip and an iPad?  You decide….


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