London Grammar

I’m definitely not much of a music person and I don’t usually post things related to music but I chanced on a link to this band, London Grammar, and figured I would post a quick video.  Not thinking much of it, I listened while a music video on their homepage auto played and was surprised.  Hannah Reids voice was so totally unexpected that I found myself stopping everything else to listen and the moment the song “Strong” ended, youtubing everything else that they had.  Have no idea if they are going to be another one hit wonder and I can’t say that my taste in music is likely to appeal to everyone but what the hell, listen for yourself.

Apparently they have just released their debut album, available on iTunes…


4 thoughts on “London Grammar

  1. Nicky

    Ok that is weird as yesterday my husband came home and said , have you heard of Hannah Reid !!!!!! He heard it at his brothers place in the day .

  2. How wonderful. That first song is going on a loop and I’m afraid I won’t be able to tear myself away long enough even to hear the others for a good hour or so.

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