Inspire – My Pinterest Boards

I originally started this post with a light-hearted moan about how difficult it was to easily link my Pinterest boards (and Deviantart favourites) to my blog.  I moaned about how the auto gallery feature did not allow links directly back to artists sites and forced me to include high res images on the servers (legal issue there).  I moaned about widgets that did not work as you hoped they would, I moaned about how difficult it was to categorise the media library and how I’d have to settle for manually creating the inspire posts the way I wanted them to work.   So I decided to just post links to my Pinterest boards and let you guys browse them rather than attempt to recreate them… and guess what.  I previewed the page and viola.  Surprise!

The minions have been at work, silently getting Pinterest Widget Goodies to work and keeping it a secret!  Have fun browsing below – I usually add about 20+ new items each week.  The categories are not that strict – you are likely to find items in the writing inspiration that could fit in others – I’m fine with them, so don’t give me grief! ;-P

All my pins: – simplest place to regularly check for all updates…   (you could also subscribe to my Pinterest RSS feed)

Categorised boards:




2 thoughts on “Inspire – My Pinterest Boards

  1. Love the boards! Lance, did you just add the link to your boards? I’m attempting to do this and running into a few issues. Thanks!

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