Disabling ‘Likes’ and trying Ratings

Hey.  Just a quick note to thank those of you who Like my posts.  I really appreciate being able to gauge if my posts are worth anything and knowing that you enjoy them is a strangely enjoyable feeling.

Unfortunately, WordPress has been invaded by a lot of spam and marketeers lately and I have noticed that my likes have become less real and more just links to someones bizarre libido enhancer or weight-loss programme.  Wordpress has no way for me to individually remove these bad eggs so I am forced to dump the entire Like option from my site.

In the hopes that I will still get feedback, I will enable the Rating option instead and see how that goes.  Comments would also be great.. hint hint.. 😉



ps.    You can still show your enjoyment by following my blog (link at the top right of each post page)


2 thoughts on “Disabling ‘Likes’ and trying Ratings

  1. What a laugh, the first rating I get after posting this notice about getting junk Likes, is from a marketeer with a WordPress site. Typical but at least you are protected and no longer have a gravatar linking back to their rubbish. So much for valid rating stats though. Oh well.

    1. Oh well, so much for ratings… No-one seems to bother with them. I have removed them from the pages. Really liked the “Likes” feature, real pity you have to get the bad with the good if you use it though – sorry, but I can’t justify having a gravatar on my site that links to a penis stretcher – nothing sinister about it (although you have to be an idiot to believe it would work) but it’s just not something I want on my blog.

      Also decided to remove the Visitors widget for similar reasons.

      Must admit this entire thing is really annoying and the repercussions are that I don’t get to easily see who is visiting and enjoying my blog. Arggh…

      On a pleasant side note… three of the marketeer sites that were spamming me have been suspended by WP for violating the terms & conditions… YAY!! Now WP… let us block these sites from our Likes/Followers when we notice them – in the same way you let us moderate comments!!!!! That way we can use your great features without having to wait for you to decide something may not be appropriate!

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