Guilt, Mine, and Paying It Forward, Me

Coming from South Africa, with our dark past and being a “Straight, White, Male” this article takes on a far more serious undertone than the authors original purpose/background/intention and could be debated for years, but as usual with most controversial blog entries, it’s the comments that I find most interesting.  Jumping the queue at the fairground is a choice, your skin colour is not.  Feel guilty about the one, not the other.  Perhaps empathy would be a better emotion to feel than guilt and as long as paying it forward is done with the ‘right’ intention and sentiment (i.e. not guilt as that is likely to harbour resentment) then I am all for using privilege to help others.


You know, every now and again some dude will read my “Straight White Male” piece or one of the similar follow-on pieces, decide to put me in my place, and barf up a blog nugget consisting of straw men, bad logic, projection and anger issues with me as its target. This is fine, of course. Everyone needs a hobby and at the end of the day I’m not generally psychically or materially injured by the venting, and indeed I’m often amused. So let the blog nuggets fly.

Be that as it may, it’s worth it every once in a while to note a particular poor argument about me and point and laugh at it. The one I’d like to address today is the one which asserts that I have guilt for being white and/or straight and/or male and/or what passes for “liberal” here in the United States. The…

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