Inspire – Music I like to write by

Nothing deep and meaningful to write about today (do I ever write meaningful blog posts?), just some amazing music that I have found I like to listen to while I am writing.  I have never been much of a musical person.  I never made mix tapes or had a favourite band growing up.  I usually cannot tell you who is singing a particular song or what it may be called.  Yet somehow I enjoy listening to music while I am trying to be creative.  I have always done this while I draw but only recently realised that I enjoy playing music while I write.  Somehow it helps to focus my attention and keep me “in the zone”.  I did an exercise once and found that I wrote more while listening to background noise than I did without it.  Not a very scientific study mind, and most of the writing was still crap, but I am pretty much convinced a little music keeps my creative juices flowing. Here are a few online sources of music that you may like to investigate

epicmusicMost of them are links to ‘epic music’ which you have probably heard as background tracks in movies, trailers or video games and it’s probably important to note that I cannot do lyrics when I write… at least not recognisable English words.  



  • ThePrimeCronus
    • “Welcome to the Hall of Epic Music” – Everything they have is brilliant but I especially like the 1,3,5 or 8-hour long compilations they have put online.  They are great to write to and also do not suffer from the normal playlist “inserted advert” problem.  Ever tried writing only to be interrupted by some stupid cellphone ad?
  • Two Steps from Hell – Music that makes you braver… do I need to say more?
  • Audiomachine –  not an official YouTube channel but a good compilation.  Here is their website:
  • Sindrannaras – nothing official but lots of good music
  • Spacemind – weird psychedelic, futuristic and meditation music.
  • Nox Arcana – dark ambient music
  • Lindsey Stirling – rock violin
  • park0urfreak – more epic trailer music
  • Gloriae Templum – even more

When I am not writing something “epic” I also enjoy something softer like celtic music (or celtic inspired music) like this or medieval music like this but it’s sometimes difficult to find decent lengthy compilations that do not have ad breaks.  I don’t mind the lyrics because i cannot understand them… its more the sound of the singing that appeals to me.

Best enjoyed loud.



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