Inspire – Cakes, hairstyles and wedding gowns

tikiOk, Ok, there are no cakes or hairstyles on this page.  Don’t worry.  I’ve been a member for a little while now, but what the hell is it with Pinterest?  I have never seen so many variations of hair braids, cute puppies, chocolate oatmeal recipes or the backs of wedding dresses.  And then there are the really bizarre things that no straight man can bare to look at for long:  heart shaped carrot slices (WTF!) or watermelon Tiki Masks (Double WTF!) .  I feel like I have rushed into the proverbial “Womans Sanctuary” and I need to very carefully and quietly ease my way back out before someone sees me and traps me there forever like I am in some Rip Van Winkle mockery.  Don’t believe me?  Go on then, just click on Pinterests Popular pins link.  It’s decidedly testosterone deficient.

Sure, you will find the occasional “Jason Statham holding a gun” (watch out guys, it’s part of a womans album of her ‘nice to look at’ pics, you ladies may like browsing the rest) or a vintage muscle car or some cool scenic photography, but 90% of everything on the popular page is very feminine, very crafty, very domestic.  To me at least.  Now I am not saying that there is nothing of interest on Pinterest for a red blooded, fantasy, photograph, art loving, DIY, techno geek who looks after the kids and cooks the food, but holy hell it’s scary to finally see proof that woman use social networking more than men.

So, why is this an inspiring post.  I’m getting to that…. Here are some random finds from my first month using Pinterest.  No theme this time, just posted as they come.

sadhu_indiamultiple_exposurelistenercarved_skullmercuryfantasmagorikouttherecloseup 3d








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