ok, I signed up for another social media site

pinterest Groan, yes, but this should be a positive thing.  I hope.  As my regular followers already know, I have been a deviantArt user for some years now (yes, I can draw a little) and I have never really had a need for any other photo/art sharing or aggregation site.  That is, until I started this blog.  The Inspire posts I put up are obviously enjoyed by many followers but I have been limiting my posts to things on deviantArt – purely because I ‘favourite’ them and it’s easy for me.  However, there are literally hundreds of other fantastic sources of inspirational images that I would like to include, but I had no way of ‘liking’ or ‘collecting’ them other than saving the images on my local hard-drive.  That is until now.  I signed up for Pinterest.

It seems pretty good so far.  The ‘Apple’ like simplicity is a little boring but it makes it easy to use provided you are willing to play within the ‘walled garden’ and I think I can live with that for now.  It should be an easy way to include images from other sources and this (hopefully) will make it easier for me to make Inspire posts with my blog readers.

WordPress.com integration is a little limited (self-hosted has many interesting add-ons available) and because I use thumbnails and link to the artists source rather than copy the artists original images (the work is not mine so I hate doing that), the pinterest sharing option here on wordpress.com is a little useless – who wants to pin a low res thumbnail?  Other than that, Pinterest looks to be an interesting way to collate images that I find inspiring for my writing or just art that I like and that should benefit my blog posts.

It’s new, and I have not created many boards or pins yet, but here’s the link for those of you who don’t want to wait for my next Inspire post or might like the more random pics I have pinned:





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