Inspire – Photomanipulation

inspire_just_a_chemical_reactionNot sure why, but I definitely am not inspired by anything enough to write a blog post today, – feeling decidedly odd.  Here is my inspirational cop-out:  More photos…. or are they photos?  Maybe, maybe not…  They may have started out as such but I think they have long since left the realms of point and click.  Having studied graphic design I know what it takes to put together one of these images and let me tell you, its not easy to merge multiple photographic images into a coherent believable image.  Have a look at some of the amazing images that the masters of Photoshop and GIMP (and other software apps) have created.

Inspire – Manipulated Photos

All from DeviantArt – yes yes, I know there are other places to look but its just easier for me to fav images there. Deal with it.

inspire_littlesecret inspire_forest_house

inspire_fairy_before_after inspire_just_a_chemical_reaction



inspire_scarlet_macaw inspire_moth

inspire_leda inspire_the_garden_of_good_and_evil





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