Inspire – Photographic Portraits

Don’t ask.  I have no idea.  Really, I have no idea what appeals to me in these photographs.  Perhaps it’s the look in their eyes, perhaps it’s the odd expression,  perhaps I liked the image to sketch, perhaps they inspire a fictional character, perhaps the images are just weird and appealed to me at that split second in time.

In keeping with the photographic theme started with the urban exploration, here are some interesting photographs of people I have chosen as ‘fav’s on DeviantArt.

Inspire – Photographs of Peoples Faces (Duh, yes Portraits!)

Just click on each for a link to the original posting by the photographer – and yes, all links are to bigger images that are much better to view.  Quick note re links – All are to pages safe-for-work but some photographers have other photos not intended for prudes.  DeviantArt required login so you should be safe for innocent browsing.

inspire_derangedinspire_thegamelightsandshadows inspire_winterportraitinspire_fightorflight inspire_Joker inspire_desolation inspire_knewbyimustbedead inspire_hungryeyes inspire_delicatestorm inspire_strangerrainbow inspire_youngstranger inspire_hoodedwoman inspire_thedarkages inspire_yousaidsomething inspire_thingsivseeninspire_kiwan



ps.  In the event you want to link to a particular pic etc, please link back to the original photographers work and not this page.  If you just want to link to this gallery, then by all means go ahead.


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