Inspire – Lost & Forgotten

lost_we__re_all_destined_for_the_one_wayI think it’s time for a series of some amazing moments, perfect shots, beautiful creatures and astounding places caught on film (or more likely in digital bits).  I ‘favourite’ many images and I can’t always articulate why a photo appeals to me.  Sometimes it’s just a feeling, an emotion that is easy to pinpoint.  Other times it’s just a look on a face, a pose or the way the dappled light filters through the trees.  I may want to be an author someday, and I had better be able to put a picture into words, but occasionally I am struck dumb by an image that you just have to see.  Try these images of lost and forgotten places – I think they call it urban exploration.

Inspire – Lost & Forgotten Places

Here are some places that fascinate me.  All lost and forgotten, only to be rediscovered in their derelict beauty by adventurous photographers.  Imagine for a moment what each place could have been like in it’s prime.  Now forget that entirely.  Imagine a scene or series of events taking place in each place right this moment.  As settings for for the macabre and apocalyptic they are perfect, but why not imagine something else lighter?  Go-carting down tunnels in an abandoned factory, or bed time stories in the scary attic or a wedding night in a once classy hotel.  Let your imagination flow.






and one more – not quite urban:


Just imagine being trapped down in an abandoned mine that looked like this.

More phodies to come.



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