Inspire – Custom Handmade Knives

edavidson_04_lovelassI like knives.  I love all kinds, but most especially hand made knives that a devoted bladesmith has forged from a rough lump of steel into a beautiful yet functional work of art.  Perhaps with a Damascus patterned blade and mammoth ivory handle. Even a blade created by a knifesmith (yes, there is a difference) using the stock removal method from a blank of 154CM can be something special that you would treasure for a lifetime.  I love them all, from the classic Lovelass drop-point hunter or a Scagel hunting knife, to a Randall fighting blade or a massive Bowie and even the weird art knives of Gil Hibben.  I would like to make knives as a hobby someday, but I need to work on one goal at a time right now (maybe I should be writing, not blogging?) and I don’t think the neighbours would appreciate my banging a piece of metal against an anvil or the whine of a belt grinder all morning.  So for now, I can buy the occasional back issue of Blade or Knives Illustrated and dream of one day being able to shape the steel to my will.

Here are a few knives that I thought you might like to see.  Although I like many of their products, for the purpose of this post I have specifically not included the mass produced knives from the big name makers. I do not own any knives from the makers below.  I wish.

hogstrom_01_persianprince hogstrom_04_cutlass hogstrom_03_kingpin hogstrom_02_splinter

fisher_04_nasmyth fisher_03_vega fisher_02_pjlt fisher_01_vespula

edavidson_04_lovelass edavidson_03_bowie edavidson_02_smallfighter edavidson_01_racer

dholder_04 dholder_03 dholder_02 dholder_01

Don’t go cut yourselves now.



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