I lost a rock. Almost.

8087174862_0604d067f8_zWhat is a rock really?  A stone?  Just a tightly packed bit of dirt and useless minerals.  Great for chucking at the early morning Hadidas when all you want is a few minutes more sleep.  A soap bar also works (especially for roosters), but then you have to go fetch and dewy grass at 5am is not warm between the toes.  A stone’s great for holding down the picnic blanket at the park or skimming across the pond, one, two, three, oh crap I hit the duck!  Lets face it, a rock is definitely number 6 on the top 5 toys of all time.  But.  It’s not quite like the one I have been carrying one around for the last few years.  Somehow, it’s slipped away and I have lost the stone.  Well, almost the whole stone.

Yes, yes, I am being overly cryptic here but for those of you that have not guessed, I have lost 5.4kg since the 26th Dec. That’s almost a stone using the old British Stone Unit measurement.  Shy about 1 kilogram or, in keeping with the old imperial unit, roughly 2 pounds.

I estimate that my weight has not been this low in about 6 years… probably longer if my pants sizes are anything to go by.  Can’t be sure because I am not someone who has ever bothered with their weight.  Overweight, Flabby? Sure, I’ll burn it off playing more sport.  Simple.  Works when you are young and without injuries!  For me it has always been about what I look like, not what I weigh.  Muscle always weighs more than fat, doesn’t it?

So when I looked in the mirror on Boxing day 2012 I decided enough is enough, you Fat F**K.  That was 100Kg (220 pounds) and I am now on 94.6kg – 4 weeks later.  I have lost 4cm (1.5in) around my waist and the same around the gut (measured at the navel).  Arms, thighs and chest measurements have not changed more than a centimetre in the same time so I figure I am not losing too much muscle.

What diet am I on?  Yes yes, don’t get your panties in a bunch, I am getting to it.

Quick summary:  Watching what I eat, cut out crap like chocolate bars and making sure I get 20 minutes of exercise 5 times a week (just enough to get the heart beating nothing more).  That’s it.  No diet plan, no pills, no weird shakes, no fasting, no cayenne pepper and honey, no stinking protein breath, no 5 hours on the treadmill/rowing machine/bicycle, no bulging trainer “just one more, push”.

You want to know the detail?  Ok, here is the long story.  Well, after pulling my flab from the mirror, I did some research to see where I was at.  You know, a baseline.

  • 100 kg.
  • About 23% body fat (don’t have proper calipers so I just made some rough guesses using various how-to instructions online).
  • 30 BMI (I hate that bloody useless measurement – I have been overweight or obese all my life!)
  • Mesomorph body shape (yes, yes, if I went to the gym I wouldn’t be able to fold my arms either).
  • About 3000 to 3100 calories per day to maintain 100kg. (as per USDA, and Feedieting and a few others.  Minimum calories required to live +- 1750 per day.

So, with this info I made the following changes:  (Tailored to me, by me. Don’t follow them blindly, I am not a dietician)

  1. Stop eating shit: No more chocolates, sweets and generally unhealthy convenience foods.
  2. Watch calories:  Eat anything healthy but do not overdo it.  Cracker bread instead of slices of normal bread.  Fat free cottage cheese instead of butter.  No more fatty food.  No more high sugar anything.  No more huge carbs/fat combinations like pizza.  Simple things, plain food.  Stay away from diet versions of things – they taste crap and just make you feel like you want more.  Rather have less of the normal version. Keep protein and carbs matching your daily need – if you feel hungry and tired you are overdoing it.  Don’t follow anything strict.  If you feel you need more today than yesterday then have it! Just keep the weekly intake average at where you want it to be.  I figured 2300 odd per day would be good for me to lose some fat without thinking my throat has been cut.
  3. Eat breakfast – even if you want to vomit!
  4. Portion sizes:  Have a sandwich not two for lunch.
  5. Snack:  Don’t be a martyr.  Eat more often and whenever peckish.  Just keep it healthy and snack sized.  Have an apple, munch a carrot, have some saltycracks with cucumber.
  6. Going out: If you want to go out and expect to eat, just have a main without a starter and don’t choose the “heart-attack on a plate” option.  Have smaller meals and snacks before you go so that you will not feel the need for a huge dinner.  Stay clear of the beer and other empty calories unless you have planned for it.
  7. Drink water.
  8. Exercise:  5 x 20 minute sessions a week. Take the dog for a walk, mow the lawn, wash the car.  If you can, get the heartrate up to between 60% and 70% of max (depending on your age etc).  Throw in some muscle building every so often.
  9. If you want to cheat, then cheat.  Life is too short – just don’t overdo the cheating… get a small pizza, not the large.  take a small slice of cake, not three.  have the small chocolate snack, not the delux extra large one.
  10. Get a decent scale and keep a record of your weekly progress – anal I know, but it actually does help with the mental/determination side… And measure yourself – the scale will not always tell the proper picture.
  11. If you are so inclined, and just can’t take a plate of brocolli, then take a supplement to keep your daily nutrients/minerals/vitamins etc where they are supposed to be.  Just don’t make expensive luminous pee for nothing – I am sure the alligators in the sewers don’t need the extra boost.

So.  That’s what seems to be working for me.  I am dropping just over 1kg (2 pounds) a week.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  I hit a plateau last week with some zig-zag scale readings but I am happy because I lost cms around the waist and I started losing again the next. I am not hungry and turns out that watching calories is not really that difficult once you understand how much is in something.  I don’t feel the need to pop a headache tablet and the old age aches and pains seem to have subsided somewhat.. Maybe I am on to something here.  One thing is for sure, this is not very difficult and at the rate its working, I am more than happy to make these habits permanent.

I am obviously going to have to adjust things as I go and get nearer to my targets but heres to another 5kgs and a new wardrobe.



ps.  Disclaimer: This is what I am doing and its likely not what anyone qualified will recommend you do.  You have been warned.  If I peg following my own advice, then it’s my fault.  Websites are not always accurate or to be believed.  I used the sites linked above with the understanding that they are generic and not tailored to my needs and may very well be incorrect.  Don’t be a tool, use your brain before blindly following any recommendations I or these sites make.  I am also not affiliated with any of them.  Use at your own risk.


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