Bye bye pooh pooh head

firstday2013“Sophheee! Come sit here!”

Those where the last words my kids said to me this morning and without a backward glance, Grade 0 and Form 1 (Grade 3) starts. Last night we had the usual last minute panic “where is your pencil case?” and “I can’t sleep” from both of them. This morning I got a few violent swipes from my boy, “I’m trying to sleep… Go AWAY!” but we’ve had worse. Today is Davids first day at ‘big’ school and he was fine – only a little shy with his new teacher. I figure if Mom dropped him off things could have been different, but I was very proud of him. No tears, no clinging, no punching Dad. Here’s to hoping I don’t get an early phone call from the school.

After 6 weeks of holiday and entertaining the kids, I am looking forward to getting back into my own routine (at least in the mornings). They have been great, better than on other holidays but there is only so much “DaaAaaad, Becca took my Hobbit lego!” a grown man can take. So here I sit, in my favourite breakfast spot, double espresso steaming beside me and filled with a real eagerness to get back into uninterrupted writing. Wish me luck.


Oh yes, while we are recording milestones, yesterday David swam a width (4m) without armbands and with his head underwater. If you know him, you’d understand that we’ve just reached basecamp on Everest.


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