Inspire – Time-lapse Drawing

timelapse_evaSometimes it is the journey and not the end result that matters.  Have you ever wondered how an artist actually creates something from a blank white piece of paper or canvas (or even blank computer screen)?  I tend to search for these videos to see particular techniques, especially in digital art creation, but I always end up mesmerised by the videos and forget entirely about what I am trying to learn.

Theme – Time-lapse Drawing

Here are some time-lapse drawing videos that I found.  I am embedding the videos from Youtube and Vimeo directly on this page below (hopefully it does not cause problems) and including what info I could find from the artist as links with each.  Three things… One.  Try and watch in high definition when available.   Two.  While the videos are great, sometimes the music is a bit crap – no-one ever said visual artists had to have any taste in music – you may want to turn down the volume.  Three.  I am not sure if all of these videos will play on an iPad or iPhone, Youtube & Vimeo are usually good at detecting non-Flash based requirements but I have not tested them… Have fun.

Traditional Artists

Here are a few time-lapse videos of artists using traditional media.

Elfandiary (Pen and Markers)

Igor Kazarin (Dry brush)

I wish there was a higher resolution of this one to watch – the dry bush technique is difficult to really appreciate at this res.

Maria Björnbom-Öberg (Markers)

I learnt how to use markers in design college, and I could mock up a design pretty well, but I was never that good.

Natalia Stefanek (Pencil)

David Jamieson (Various Media)

Portrait Art (Charcoal)

Digital Artists

The following videos are likely to confuse those of you who have never used a MAC/PC with a digitiser tablet & pen to draw anything.  One day when I grow up I will get myself a Wacom tablet!  Oh yes, and those of you purists out there – digital painting is art – you just don’t get all messy!  Hey kids, unless you are already loony, don’t try this kind of art with a mouse.

Mike Nash

Click on the link above to go to his youtube page with many more videos



Lopez-Lorenzana Art




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