I salute you, all you younglings

kidsI salute you, all you younglings.

I salute your resistance to the grey dreary world and wish you well. I salute your orange hair and nose studs, tattoos and nipple rings. Your rebellious natures and carefree attitudes. Your enthusiasm to explore and rediscover what is lost again and again. I salute your ability to find your own way in the maze of life, your knack for survival. I salute you for standing up for your beliefs and for having any. For rising to the challenge and being who you want to be.

I salute your dreams and desires, your passions proudly displayed for all to see and feel. I salute your determination and sheer guts. I salute your shallow shoe boxes of remembered joys that the rest of us have long since thrown away. I salute the life you hope to lead. I salute the spark that fades with time. I salute the joy of youth.

Time is pulling us from your world and all we have are memories of our chance. Of smiles and laughter, tears and sadness and moments caught in time. Of regrets and wishes for do-overs, of moments we wish could live on forever. Of touch and sights and sounds that still haunt our waking dreams. Of things that made us who we are and didn’t become.

We fight for you, younglings. We, us, those grey creatures you glimpse from the corner of your eyes. All we do is for you. Sometimes we mess up, sometimes we succeed, sometimes we spark just enough for you to see us. We try because we must and you are our prize. You are our forgotten dreams alive, bright and sparkling in the days light. You are our hope, our promise, our future and immortality.

I salute you, all you younglings. It’s your time now. Use it well.


One thought on “I salute you, all you younglings

  1. Nicky

    And there’s the poet . I still have shoe boxes – poems – written in a cold December of heart brokenness in the UK. Never too late to start your shoebox. My son started me off on shoebox hording again ! YeS my youngling … Inspirational And salute-worthy ?

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