Brain Teaser – Circle words

Another regular section coming to this blog. I love riddles, brain-teasers and anything that gets the brain working. At last count I figure I have a dozen books of riddles and puzzles. I’m probably not a Mensa candidate and plenty of them stump me but it’s still fun trying. I know this is a poor excuse for not writing, but hey, why not.

Theme – Circle Words

How many words can you find that start and end with the same letter? Words that come full circle?

Here are a few to get your brain going:

  • 3 Letters – wow
  • 4 Letters – pulp
  • 5 Letters – comic
  • 6 Letters – willow
  • 7 Letters – episode
  • 8 Letters – twilight

Sure you get the idea… Now how many can you find, and what’s the longest one you have?


ps. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious does NOT count!

pss. Listen, if you have to use Google, then there really isn’t much point. Try it yourself.


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