Inspire – Realistic Portraits

Daria meadow by *francoclunI bid you enter, fine onlooker, the abode of the inaugural hebdomadal muse for flights of flippant fancy and works of wonder and discernment. Ok. Ok. I’ll stop being a lexiphane. (grief I hate those kinds of pretentious pseudo intellectuals)

Hey, I love art and creativity of all kinds and I spend a lot of my idle time browsing the Net wishing I could draw as well or take photographs as magnificently or simply appreciating art for the reaction it sparks in those subconscious pleasure (and maybe revulsion) centres in that lump of grey matter we like to think we think with.  So, I figured I would make a weekly artsy fartsy type blog entry related to something I found or was amazed by the previous week.

Just a quick note: Not everyone can agree on what constitutes art or not and the appreciation of art is always in the eye of the beholder – what tickles my fancy may not tickle yours. These are things I found interesting (positive or negative does not matter) and you may not.

Theme – Realistic Portraits

Believe it or not, the following images are all drawn artworks, they are not photographic images.  Some are done digitally, others with pencil or paints. All are amazing.

Rupert Grint - Drawing by ~Live4ArtInLA
Daria meadow by *francoclun
Homeless warrior by *francoclun
girl in the water by *Svera
Sean Connery - A Portrait by ~elspethmac
Rachel McAdams by ~scratch12
color by ~MariaNovikova
Keira Knightley by ~nolevoj
Jessica Biel by ~rdhotartist
Face of Sir Ian McKellen by *JW-Jeong
Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by =VianaArts
The Great Visionary by *denismayerjr

click on an image to link to the original version in a new browser window. all images copyright their respective owners. please view the artists policies before using them.

Ok, maybe the owl is not a portrait.  Who cares.  Life is too short.


ps. I wish Gallery feature allowed you to link to external URLs! It would make this much easier to do.


4 thoughts on “Inspire – Realistic Portraits

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    1. Hi, I had to fudge the CSS on the image & div tags in HTML mode…. If you view source, you should be able to find the place: there are tags like this:


      The combination of css tags overwrite the default in the wpress template and allow the images to fit perfectly next to each other….

      Hope this helps


      ps. I used to be a web developer in my distant past so I persevered but its a messy solution that takes too much time – hence the more recent decision to just live with WP Gallery even with its problems…

      1. Blimey. Wow, ok that is proper computer stuff!! I confess I am completely useless at this, so I really admire that you took the time!!

        It looks great, and I hope I’ll get there myself someday… Thanks!! 🙂

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