12% and counting

Nanowrimo Status so far for the month.
(note, this updates as we go, green means I hit the daily target of 1667 words, red.. well, you figure it out).

For those of you not interested in writing a novel or Nano – go find something else to do, this will bore you.

Just a quick post today.  Nano is underway and I am on track.  Whooohooo. (sorry)As of today (3 Nov 2012) I am 12% to the 50k word mark and going strong.  I am really enjoying having some outline to work from this time around – instead of just buckling down and pantsing in sequence…part A, B, C etc… I can choose whatever plot item I feel most interested in and just start writing – and when I lose enthusiasm (or just hit a snag), I just pick another item without delaying the writing or creativity.

And the pantser in me is still happy to let me discover the detail as I go. Who knew that the little redheaded thief would take a detour past a fishing village where she grew up?  I sure as hell did not when I wrote the plot item : “Deevyn escapes the slavers”.

It’s too early to say for sure, but so far things are going well and I think that Nano has forced me to look at my process and let me stumble on what works.  Now I have to make sure that I don’t run out of plot items before the 50k (arrghh)

Hope everyone else participating is having as much fun – its not meant to be a chore – its meant to be something you love and want to do.

Good luck and don’t give up because it’s the easy way out.


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