Wanna win a lit prize?

Here is the recipe:

Have two unlikely highschool lovers (one must be a corrupt gang member from the wrong side of the tracks) betrayed by their nanny who, after sending a mysterious letter that causes one to commit suicide, gets eaten by some cannibals while trying to run away from an escaped tiger in Bucharest.

I love infographics.

Found this one from Delayed Gratification (high res version) while trying to search for decent ways to graphically represent a plot/storyline in a concise way.

The graphic represents the themes from the 2011 longlist for the Man Booker Prize and is pretty interesting – death, war, love and betrayal… pretty universal themes… until you meet the homicidal cowboy brothers (sorry couldn’t fit that into my recipe above).


ps. the winner in 2011 was Julian Barnes (for those, like me, who never bother to follow the intellectual required reading lists.)



One thought on “Wanna win a lit prize?

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