Waiter waiter, there is a pube on my soap

You’ve had the cringe, oh yes you have. That communal bar, decorated with a little dark curly of unknown genetic heritage. You are sure it’s not your own, you are sure yours curve the other way and don’t have that slight reddish tinge. Could be a loved ones leavings, but you just had a house guest and you are not sure. Not ready to exfoliate your skin with someones loofah droppings you do a rendition of Charlie Chaplin trying to get something sticky off your hands.

News flash. This just in. As of forever, indicators (flickers for the locals) are now optional on all vehicles. You can return to your dealership and have them replaced with stylish raised car-park bumper guards or bigger blue tinted brake lights that flash on and off when you reach ministerial convoy speed. Better yet, the optional status now means you can have them linked to Google Maps via Bluetooth (iPhone excluded, sorry, too many intentional misdirections via Maps) so that they indicate automatically. For those wishing to remain courteous to others, > insert Upmarket car brand < now has a ‘preventative warning indicator’ – the steering locks within a 30 degree arc on dead centre preventing full turning without activating the indicator. Yes, finally something useful.

Nano approaches rapidly. As does my anxiety and panic and enthusiasm. Managed to get through Octobers assortment of dads and daughters camping trip, birthday parties and DIY home improvement (even if you are capable, get someone else to do you your plastering – don’t argue,  just trust me) without too many scars and cerebral hemorrhage but alas, the preparation for the epic challenge has fallen behind.

The plot outline I have is too short to make the 50k and there are still too many unanswered questions. Plot Item 46: Mages & Warriors undergo the ancient bonding ritual. Huh? So what happens during the ritual and why is it so special anyway, what are the benefits of the bonding, what are its limitations and dangers. Ok, I’m still a pantser by heart, but I love the process of world-building – only problem is that I am beginning to love it too much. I have been spending the lions share of my carefully guarded writing time playing at being the creator god(s) of my little imaginary universe (and no, I did not play at a D&D Gamesmaster in my misspent youth – I was a jock and did not have the time).

Thankfully none of the effort is wasted as it’s all critical glue that will keep things together but I really need to be writing. Not sure how much detail other writers get into, but at the rate I am going, I’ll be able to launch a wiki of my world before I get anywhere near completing a book. Another delicious Catch 22, too little world building and I stumble and catch myself out as I write – delaying inspiration and generally f***ing up the logic long term.  Too much and that fleeting paragraph describing the sentient yellow and purple tinted rose bushes in a forgotten dandelion mushroom clearing does little to match the reams of detail outlining the ancestral origins of the weeds in the same.

How much is too little or too much? and do I really need to care so much about the origins of that little pube?




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