So where do you do it?

On the bed, in the office, on the patio, on a table in the coffee shop. Do you do it with the sunlight streaming and the music playing? Do you do it in company or alone?

Strangely I like to do it surrounded by voyeurs with lots of white noise in the background. Not sure on the quality of the end result, but it seems to spur me on to new heights of satisfaction.

Got a great chair and quiet desk at home with a nice big screen LCD, Scrivener setup, all comfortable and ready. Motivational quotes from authors and pictures of the family on the wall. All ready for that masterpiece to flow from my bloody fingertips. Forget about it. Can’t write at home… Too many little distractions and excuses. Ignoring the obvious irritation of a domestic worker vacuuming right in the middle of the epic sword battle between the undead and orcs in LOTRROTK, I find it really hard to work from home – or at least be productive from home.

Even if you don’t succumb to the temptation to actually fix that garden tap or rush off to buy dog food (you do already have 3 weeks supply), the fact that there are things to do and you are within close proximity seems to stunt anything creative on the writing front. I call it irrational guilt and I have it layered on in geomorphic strata (rubbish verbosity sorry, sounded too good a metaphor to remove lol).

Then there is multitasking or should I say multi-doinglotsgettingf***alldone. Another reason why I like the iPad with writer. No multitasking – its a bitch to keep going between apps ( compared to a large screen pc where you can have multiple windows all visible) so I have simply stopped doing it.

And stay away from that horrible hole in the world sucking the marrow from every undisciplined writers soul.. The Internet. I love it, made good money from it but my god can it waste time like nothing on earth.

So, I find myself sitting here merrily typing away in the local breakfast spot without WiFi. Listening to someone try to impress their client / boss, the collapse of the political universe (again) and yesterdays pathetic cricket test. All while sipping rapidly cooling rooibos tea (saving coffee for November) on a wooden chair that screams: “Eat up and go so that the next person can have somewhere to sit”.

And at current count, (uncomfortable seat or not) I have written about 1000 words in less than an hour. Bring it on Nano, I am ready for you.


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