Who do you write like?

Found an amusing website that you (budding writers that is) may like to try out. It takes a few paragraphs of your text and tries to match it to the style of a famous author.

  • I tried it with my blog text and it says I write like Cory Doctorow.
  • I tried it with parts of my current novel and it says I write like Stephen King.


ps. For the more anal amongst us, I did not test it with a real authors text to confirm if it matches correctly and the developers do not provide any technical detail as to its methodology. As much as its quite flattering to have your prose compared to a famous author, I am sure that this is just for fun!

pss. Ok. I could not resist. Perhaps its that old web developer in me that wanted to see what its all about. Here is a wikipedia link outlining how it works. (It’s an old site with quite a bit of controversy)


One thought on “Who do you write like?

  1. better than being compared to delia smith in a celebalike photo app….as expecting drew barrymore! i would hope to be more keats and browning lol! how vain!

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