Glimpses of Life

Procrastination sometimes unveils a gem or two. Like this Letters of Note website I found after following a link of a link on Reddit. I’m not usually prone to reading this kind of thing (I don’t tend to want to delve into the personal lives of others) but I read two entries and immediately hit ‘Bookmark’.

The site contains letters, memos, postcards and other correspondence sent by both famous and unknown people. There are apparently over 800 articles on the site and more to be published in a book (November 2012). The ones I found most interesting so far are a letter from a father to his friends on the last days of his sons life (that one got me). One really funny one by the woman how took a plaster cast of Jimmy Hendricks tool (don’t read it if you can’t take it in the spirit of the 60’s and although its only text, I suppose its slightly NSFW)

I have only skimmed some of the other items but they sound fascinating. Rants from fans to musicians, amazing responses to fans from artists, Kurt Vonnegut recounting his time as a prisoner of war in 1944, even Mark Twains letter to a medical salesperson (idiot of the 33rd degree – love that) on some wonder elixir of life. (no links, go find them yourself lazy )

Have fun.


ps. Letters of Note will be apparently be published in November 2012, click here for more.

pss. A little like The Assassins Cloak, a fascinating book that compiles the diary entries of famous people.


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