Alone in a thorny African field, I raised my face to the thunderous maelstrom that swirled above me and breathed the air that sparked and spat its charged bolts through the ever changing palettes of grey. In that moment the pull to soar dragged me away from the world and for just a fleeting second, I flew across the sky and became a god.

Ok, now don’t lie. Who has not thought of flying? I was daydreaming watching the countless storms we have been having lately and just for a moment wished I could be swooping through the air like the swallows riding the wind. Saw a movie recently called Chronicle where three schoolboys stumble on some sort of artifact hidden underground. It imbues them with fantastic powers, not least of which is the ability to fly… and as boys, they enjoy a game of ball high in the thunderclouds, dodging 747s. Movie was interesting. I found it reminded me of Akira (if you don’t know what Akira is.. tut tut, don’t you dare call yourself a nerd). It’s not quite as amazing as Akira was/is (for its time), but for a recent SCI-FI it was not bad (7.1 on IMDB).

Jump forward a few thousand years (yes, I’m one of those that would like to live forever – no, not as rotting undead but in good health) and imagine if man had evolved the natural ability to fly.

But hey, we will probably have trashed the Earth, be pasty yellow blobs with green stripes and if we have not evolved into eating our current trash then I doubt we will still be here on our mothership.

Yes, feeling weird today. ;-P



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