One is never enough

Yay, congratulations. You have finished your first book! Now hurry up with the next one.

I read a lot of things on the web, (mostly crap) including a lot of gems from writers of all levels of skill and success. One common theme is the consensus that one book is not enough. Best-selling authors enjoying the benefits of advances and big name publishers and self-published part timers all agree. One book is not enough. Not by a long shot.

Forget about fame and recurring income from multiple sources for a moment. One book does not build a brand (yes, writers are brands) and a devoted following of readers. If you read like I do (and have time), then a book can take less than a weekend to finish and if you liked it, you immediately move that author to the top of your current list and purchase the next in the series or something else they have already written.

You are hooked and let me tell you, if there is nothing else by that author you are seriously disappointed. I’m somewhat soothed by a pre-order on Amazon or an article on the authors website (yes, as a writer you need one – why the hell do you think I have created this blog?) about a forthcoming release, but one book is never enough for a reader.

I have almost every book ever written by each of my favourite authors. Yes. Even the ones that I thought were not as good as others. Even the ones that are not in my chosen reading genres. I read David Gemmells (may he rest in peace) ‘Legend‘ as a teenager and to this day it is the only book that I have ever shed a tear reading. I now have every single book he ever wrote on my shelf (31 of them) – even the disappointments. Every single one. Same with Tolkien, Feist, Modesitt, Weeks , Eddings, Jones (needs to hurry up with a new one), Hobb and quite a few others ( I confess, I may not physically have all, but I have read all). Sometimes it’s only a particular series from an author but its seldom just one book. I’ve forgotten the names of the authors who had just one book.

One is never enough.

Now I know you never thought it would be just one, but don’t forget, if you are serious about this, its more like 5 (one a year, every year).. and that’s just the start!



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