I submit to the almighty granny smith

AppleOk.  I have fallen to the dark side.  While on the go, I now use an iPad instead of a laptop to write.  I’d prefer one of its robotic cousins but the iPad 2 is a hand-me-down and beggars can’t be choosers.

With a separate Bluetooth keyboard and a writing app its far superior to any laptop I have ever used – for plain uninterrupted writing on the move.

I no longer suffer third degree burns because some idiot placed a heat sink right below where any typist puts their left palm. (Yes, you HP)  I can actually write without worrying about when the guy sitting closest to the only power outlet in the coffee shop is going to leave so that I can steal the spot and recharge.  And I don’t have to lug around a brick that weighs more than the laptop.

From a form factor perspective, I don’t think I can fault a tablet with a separate keyboard.

The dark side is unfortunately not without its unnecessary evils – the worms in the core are something else to behold. Warning fanbois, rant ahead! 

Are the people who created iTunes from this planet? Do they even work for the same company that created the iPad and iOS6? iTunes has to be the most pathetic excuse of an application I have ever had the displeasure of using. Grief, Microsoft Outlook (crappiest mail client ever) is a pleasure to use in comparison. I don’t know what its like on a Mac, but iTunes on the PC is slow, unintuitive and downright dumb – it is by far the worst thing about using an iPad.

What’s with the crappy UI design of some of the Apple apps?  Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Contacts etc.. I understand the visual analogy of matching real world notebooks etc, but its so dated and lacks the more advanced innovations that have evolved to make it easier to use these kinds of apps.

And what’s with the dumbing down of everything that’s an app?  I have been involved in computers since before I was a teenager so I am probably not looking at this from the correct perspective but what the hell? This obviously has little to do with Apple Inc. and I realise that the interface lends itself to simplicity but sometimes I find it better to use the normal websites than the dedicated iPad apps – even if it means having to zoom in just to make sure you click the correct link.

Which brings me to Safari.  Adequate, I’ll grant you that.  Great for all purposes.  Not a chance.  First thing I did was install the Chrome browser and if I could find a way to set it as the default web app I would. (Pity you have to jailbreak to do that).

If I wanted to do anything other than write, browse the web or read a Kindle e-book, the iPad would simply not cut the mustard.  But for those three purposes, it beats anything I have ever used, hands down.


ps. Don’t ask about which Bluetooth keyboard just yet – still evaluating it (Oct 2012)

pss. Now if Scrivener would hurry up and bring out an iPad version of their brilliant PC/Mac app…


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