Why this blog?

So, why am I doing this you may ask? Why am I creating a blog to join the millions of failed blogs already out there?

I need to write. Simple answer. (There is a complicated version but I will spare you the boring intricacies of my troubled mind at this early stage of the relationship.)

Those of you who know me may wonder at something so public as a blog but who am I trying to kid, this is unlikely to ascend to heights of lofty meaningful personal introspection. This is not a diary. I’ll settle for something that does not make you vomit in disgust or dose off mid paragraph. Hold on.. if I could do that on purpose… perhaps.

So what is this blog likely to contain? First and foremost, its something to force me to write more regularly. Sort of a pro-biotic fibre pill for the soul. Not sure that analogy works (especially when you take it to its ultimate conclusion) but I’ll leave that to you.

Secondly, and perhaps the more important reason, I need to let others see my writing. There is plenty of ‘who ha’ about when someone can finally call themselves a writer: Some say its when you are published (purists exclude vanity press); some say its when you have submitted something for publication (and are waiting for that inevitable rejection letter); some say its when you get your first royalty cheque and still others (perhaps those true ethereal souls or just those on the beach from Cape Town) say its when you believe you are one. I am leaning towards the last camp.

Over the last year (and my first as a stay-at-home Dad and budding writer) I have read countless articles by editors, publishers, authors (some pretty famous), wanna-bees and will-never-bees and the common thread across everything is simple: When you have the confidence to believe that you are a writer and behave like a writer then you are one. Publication (oh god) and money (oh god yes please) are the external confirmations of your being a writer but unless you believe yourself to be one, you will NEVER be one. The Matrix comparison aside, I think that this belief is critical and something that I am hoping my commitment to writing and letting others see what I am writing is a step in the ‘write’ direction. (argh.. sorry for the pun)

Lastly, as much as I would like to remain reclusive and loathe people sticking their noses into my private thoughts and dreams, a writer needs to have a public face/front/facade.  Writers are brands and brands need to be seen and heard.  Hence this blog.  It’s a baby step in this direction.  Be gentle with me.

So other than the aforementioned excrement, what could you expect to find here? Well, in my deluded enthusiasm for this endeavour, I hope to include snippets of writing, commentary on things I have read/seen/heard and anything that tickles my taste buds. I expect this list to expand as I occasionally run out of anything to say but I hope never to let this degenerate into some soppy drivel. I do hope to entertain, make you think and perhaps even bring out an intended emotional response.

This is not going to be another ‘how to write’ writing blog. There are far too many of them around and lets face it, what the hell do I know and do you really want to read about the trials and tribulations of someone who wants to be a writer? You may have to suffer through the occasional mute cry for help with my own writing but I will try to keep them interesting. Two specific things I hope to exclude from this blog are politics and religion. I am likely to fail, but I hereby request your forgiveness for any irate rant on either topic – my blood boils just thinking of either. Freedom of speech and other illusions here.

Fare thee well traveller, may the wind forever be at your back and the sun in the sky baking you to a crisp.



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